Samuli ja Kari Alonen: Puutarhakutsut ja Valonverkosto

Samuli Alonen: Puutarhakutsut, A Garden Party. Samuli Alonen grew up in a family in which creating art has always been present. He studied designer in Kuopio Academy of Design and bronze drew his attention during the student years. Samuli focuses on creating sculptures. His references include winning 2012 Billnäs Young Artistits ́ modern art competition and in 2013, first prize in S- art competition. In addition, Samuli’s sculptures have drawn also international attention. Samuli’s signature work have been sympathetic Citybird sculptures that have flown all over the globe and which evolve through their maker. Another end of Samuli’s track record includes large public artworks.

Kari Alonen: Valonverkosto, Network of Light. Kari Alonen is an experienced Sculptor from Central Finland. He is known for his awareness art and novel combinations of stone, glass and light. The pieces of art include social criticism and humor which comment on critical issues within society. ” The guerrilla of humor beats the army of seriousness”. Kari started out his career as an official but soon answered to the call of artistic design. The shortages of the system work as a platform for awareness art. The first private exhibition was set in 1984. Slate-stone cat sculptures that held the main role, drew international interest, as well. After that, Kari has had art exhibitions both within and outside Finland regularly. Kari’s motto is: ”make use of a stone already while living”. Kari’s strengths lie in monumental and architectural sculptures.