Jarno Artika: Outlaw

Documentary underwater photographs tell the tale of the special features of the see-thru waters of Valkiajärvi lake amongst the waters of Finland. The photographs present an underwater ”unseen world” of this area which is among Finland’s 100 places for natural beauty. The bright, see-thru color of water within this spring lake and its fish, cray fish and rarities such as Cristatella mucedo, have made the lake a very popular diving destination. During the documentation 2015–2018, the lake shores of Valkiajärvi were zoned for housing plots and the cray fish died of crayfish plague.

Pictures of the Photographer Jarno Artika on bright underwater landscapes, activities and change within Valkiajärvi make the viewers think that does Finland still have this bright waters? Why the rare underwater sceneries are not protected? Why doesn’t water have legal protection status in Finland, as was agreed on the Kitee city council meeting for housing zones?