Ocubo / Nuno Maya / PT

C-ACT-US is an interactive site specific project that emerges from INTER-ACT, in which the physical characteristics of the cactus are dynamically highlighted. Inspired by the concept of animism, through the rigorous mapping of the organic geometry of plants and their surrounding environment, contrasts of colour, light and movement are created, with which the public will be able to interact through gestures of their hands.

This interaction gives new perspectives of observation to the public and creates imaginary worlds constructed of visual poetry. In this case, through micromapping on the cactus, it is intended to show the water as a source of life, and how this essence is absorbed by the cactus through its molecules.

INTER-ACT is an interactive work that is adapted by the artists to the geometry of each place where it is presented. A graphic, contemporary and poetic form that emphasizes architecture - be it a facade, a plant or any other projection surface. This installation transforms the projection area into an interactive and personalized area, which is manipulated by the gestures of the public, giving rise to dynamics of colour, light and movement in constant change.

OCUBO is a creative and highly skilled international studio that conceives corporate and artistic events using light and technology. We have a wide experience and we working actively in the Asian market.

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