Katja Paternoster / SI
Domestic and wild

The lighting installation titled 'Domestic & Wild' directly approaches the phenomenon of coexistence of various creatures from different backgrounds in a common space. It is about the fusion of domestic and wild animals in a series of light objects by which the author tries to draw visitors attention to their secret cohabitation in the urban environment.

The streets and parks are being occupied by numerous animals. Some of them have been present in the area daily for years, and others take refuge in the urban space only by night, searching for food.

The light sculptures are made alive by means of skillful 3D modeling, while the symbolic introduction of the sculptures into the nature celebrates the true masters of this particular space. The visitors, strolling by, will encounter glowing creatures whose presence represents the coexistence of diversity.

Short info about artists

Katja Paternoster graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
As a freelance architect she is taking part in various projects where the innovative approach to design space which is tailored for a client and thoughtfulness to detail is her primary guideline.

Katja has always had a keen interest in interaction of light and architecture. Since joining the Lighting Guerrilla festival in Ljubljana, she has expanded her enthusiasm for lighting into the realm of art.

Her works has been presented on many light festivals in Europe, such as Lighting guerrilla (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Visualia (Pula, Croatia), Bellaskyway festival (Torun, Poland), Lumina (Cascais, Portugal) and Klanglicht (Graz, Austria). She has been a mentor of several lighting workshops.