Halla / Kouvalainen / Kola: Nordic Butterfly

Katja Kouvolainen, a Painter, Samuli Halla, a Scenographer, and Kari Kola, a Light Artist, have created the installation Nordic Butterfly together. Nordic Butterfly, a decorative and impressive piece consisting of five large butterflies, was inspired by Finnish butterflies Celastrina argiolus, Aglais urticae, Aglais io, Papilio machaon, and the rarely seen vagabond of the Finnish nature, Acherontia atropos. Biodiversity has dropped down globally by nearly 30 per cent since the year 1970. The world is losing a lot of beauty and the group of artists wish to highlight this with their artwork. The piece was displayed for the first time in the spring of 2018, in CidNeon Light Festival, Italy.