Visual festival – catering communitive art in vibrant installational setting

Who spun the spindle, bound a band of bundle
Threads of life of different kinds.
United unique lines, twisting, turning in the twine.
Who swang twins of twine, sampled to weave.
Transcribed for the tune, seized the slightest strand.
Knit the eye, hear the line, coil the mind, the one which is mine.
Listen, learn, knitter here, far yearning yarn
Plaited pair becomes the same

Poem - Annina Lybeck

It´s well known fact that art and crafts have health benefits and positive effect one’s mind. In hectic everyday life it`s lovely to stop and let go of your surroundings to concentrate something new and vibrant. Here in Karelia arts and crafts has a big part of everyday routine. We want to offer you an opportunity to experience and enjoy the empowerment of weaving. Environment of Visual festival gives you something for your every sense through weaving, organic materials and atmosphere. Come and explore the unity of weaving looms and 100% natural resources. Hemp, needle and local wool and precollected materials from Botania carden combines in this artwork woven by curious people. This empowering woven artwork is going to be on display where it continues its journey from beginning to the end by transforming appearance.

Our looms are already prepared and weaver can easily get in touch to the empowering experience of world of weaving. There is nonstop guidance so you can learn the magnificence atmosphere and various of natural materials.

Come and join magical experience of weaving and learning daily luxury.

Happiness lives in arts and crafts!