Anders Örnberg: Sex and Rumble in the jungle

Anders Örnberg is a Swedish painter and sculptor. He will present two sculptures in )))((( visual festival: Theme light sculpture: ”Sex” (for life on Earth and on Mars and Venus) Theme fire sculpture: ”Rumble in the jungle” ”My vision of monumental art for the development of architecture and urban spaces of our time is very much alive. Enhanced experiences in form and color that create better people, interesting spaces and identity. Many understand the great importance of this and will therefore travel happily to these places to see and experience them in the context of other cultures, but once home forget that those experiences can be achieved here and now. I work with the development and refinement of different environments to create attraction and rich experiences through monumental sculptural and painterly forms. The aim is to create a medium for the unique identity of a place, a room or a building. It can also be an ingredient in the exposure of a product or a business, reflecting different activities and operations.”