Tiina Haring & Carita Ahonen / FI

resurGemus is a photographic artwork of two strong women, a Photographer and a Designer, and the work questions the modern superficial and distorted picture of a woman.

— We wanted to move away from the theme of depicting women as objects. Our women are creatures whose power stems from the ground. They are out of this world creatures at the same time as present in this world. They have surfaced completely bare, without the protection or roles of clothing or make up. Our creatures are power entities that possess an inner flame of wisdom and spirituality. Primitive beauty. Pure and good. Without the modern complexity and the painfully fake vanity of being human.

Artistic introduction:

Tiina Haring

I’m a Photographer-mummy awarded with four children. Motherhood has provided me with a great set of organizing skills and a lot of soft values. In addition, I’m relentless with my work. I like meeting new people and picturing different kinds of stories. I’m inspired by Finnish eccentricity, success and nature. Photography has become my way of self-expression. I tell tales in pictures and I see more than the beauty. I’ve heard that I’m good to be with.

Significant Competitions as a Referee:

Referee of QEP title since 2013

World Photographic Cup 2016 and 2017

Photographer of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2018 (FEP)

Portrait Photographer of the Year 2016 and 2017 (SAV main competition of the year)

Swedish Master of Portrait Photography (Svenska Mästare i Poträttfotografi, Svenska Fotogruppen)

Carita Ahonen

I have a strong experience in styling, the business field of beauty and competitions in Finland and abroads. My expertise and professionalism has sharpened over the years by taking part in competitions. I got to end at the top, the last competition abroad finished with two gold and a silver medals. Co-operation with Tiina happened by chance years ago. I was searching for a Photographer for my future business marketing photos. The rest is history. We have made hundreds of projects together and on our own, competitions, memorable cases, memories.

I have walked on my own path within a field which is very narrow and superficial. I don’t see beauty in a similar way as it is presented to us. Perfection has never spoken to me as a source of artistic inspiration. I see multi-dimensions and fascination in everything which is a little bit broken and defective. How our inner spirit reflects the past outwards and affects our vision. The secrets what the mirror of our soul tells us in non-verbal communication.

resurGemus Exhibition

Via the change of my career path and the birth of Tiina’s family, our connection broke for a few years. Now we found each other again and a spark to start experimenting on projects in which we are faithful to our thoughts and most of all, to ourselves.

The photography session was a very empowering experience for us and for our models. We created an atmosphere of togetherness in which everyone felt safe to be themselves. Everyone had their own stories, their own tragedies, their own sources of joy which affected the situation. We let the feeling lead our inspiration and didn’t settle for a formulated way of working. Tiina wanted to reach pose-like situations from which I forced her out. This is one example of how our collaboration works. Mutual respect, which contains freedom to express and to create. The collaboration of a Photographer and a Designer.