Samuli Halla / FI

Sheltered from the rain?

My piece has a playful surface-level: I have detached an every-day object from its scale and usage. My Umbrella does not shelter from the rain. Moreover, the umbrella is the one doing the raining and, thus, creating a new little universe under it.

Man defines the environment through feeling safe and comfort. We draw outlines to ourselves and to nature by building shelter and boundaries. Sometimes these boundaries are false or fragile. Sometimes nature or circumstances do not ”respect” the boundaries that people have set. With this fact we can experience our own scale and meaning better.

By the Umbrella artwork, I want to challenge the audience to see the every-day beauty, to awe and question the evident. Our boundaries are fragile. So let’s enjoy moments and experiences!

I hope that Umbrella brings joy to its viewers of all ages. The artwork will stay as a part of Botania’s permanent exhibition. Boundlessness offers possibilities.

Artist introduction

Samuli Halla is a Visual Designer and imaginator. Halla has worked as a Set and Costume Designer for more than 20 years, working for audiovisual sets, theaters, event organizers, and independent groups. Currently, Halla is working for Lappeenranta City Theater as a Scenographer. In 2004 he was awarded with a Jussi-statue for the setting design of the movie Pelikaanimies, Pelicanman.

Halla has worked with Kari Kola in many projects since 2009, when he worked as a Visual Designer and Scenographer for Hurtta spectacle.