Raisa Foster & Jussi Mäkelä
Spiral of Progress

The work has been created in collaboration with the second-grade pupils at Rantakylä Normal School.

Spiral of Progress is an installation of the plastic pollution in oceans. Plastic symbolizes modern progress – in good and bad. Plastic has been produced over 8 billion tons in the last 70 years. 80 % of the plastic ends up as waste. The dominance of plastics has led to environmental concerns regarding its slow decomposition rate. The plastic sculptures, sound, and moving image of the installation create a total work of art, which invites the audience to reflect their own consumption and recycling habits. The installation was first created in 2016 as part of the Art-Eco research project. The version which is exhibited at Visual festival is created together with the second-grade pupils at Rantakylä Normal School.

Multidisciplinary artist and scholar, Dr. Raisa Foster (b. 1976), has been focusing on the questions of eco-social justice in the past several years. In 2015–2017 Foster was leading the Art-Eco research project on empathetic-ecological humanity, which was funded by Kone Foundation. Her performances and media works have been exhibited in Finland, Iceland, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the USA. She lives and works in Tampere, surrounded by the thousands of lakes and forests of Finland.

Jussi Mäkelä (b. 1973) is working as a teacher at Rantakylä Normal School. In 2015–2017 he worked as a scholar in Art-Eco Project. Mäkelä is doing his doctoral research about the art and philosophy of Joseph Beuys at the University of Tampere.

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