Esa Kotilainen / FI
Tellus in Space

SHOWTIME: Sat 12.10. • 9 pm ( Stage I)

"Tellus" is a 5 part composition by Esa Kotilainen. In this multichannel live "Botanian" -version sections are combined as one 70 min "space-rock" style ensemble together between three musicians and two sound designers.

Short info about artists

Esa Kotilainen is one of valued synthesizer pioneers in Finland and multitalented professional musician and composer since 1967. This year he is celebrating his 52 year artist anniversary. Anssi Nykänen is highly considered percussionist and known to everyone whose extensive professional career is topnotch in Finland. Lauri Porra is composing bass virtuoso deserving on all-round musical field and his soloist appearances are highly recognised around the globe. Heikki Savolainen & Kari Tiitinen are respected professionals on audio field in Finland and their careers extend over 90 years around sound designing.