Belenos Group of Arts / FI
Tulishow Noadi

SHOWTIME: Fri 11.10. • 9 pm (Stage 2)

Magical Mystic - Fireshow Noadi

Length 15-20 min.

When the day turns into night and dusk into darkness, it’s time to light the fires and begin the dance. Magical show is a combination of sensual elegance and mysticism. The details of the golden glittering handmade dresses together with fire and music create an unbelievable ensemble above the water! This special fire show is produced only once in the darkening night of Botania.

Moving Light Artwork Icarus

Saturday 12.10. between 5pm and 11pm. Length undefined.

An enchanting piece from Belenos, Icarus, charms all its viewers no matter the age or place of origin. The light show is performed in the midst of the public, it stops the viewer for a moment to offer a delightful experience of beautiful colors and forms. Skilled manipulation of equipment and dance art heighten the visual experience. Belenos Group of Arts is notably the first group of performers who has introduced a moving light artwork into events.

Belenos Group of Arts