Aleksandra Stratimirovic / SE

Underworld is a site-specific spatial installation created by a Visual Artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic with original soundscape by Leonel Kaplan.

Underworld is a spatial installation in form of luminous forms depicting imaginary tiny undersea settlement. Project emerged with the aim to put attention onto sensitive sea life and its fragile environment. Art installation was made for the occasion of the "Island of Light" festival, situated in Smögen, a small fishing village on the west coast of Sweden. Concept takes inspiration from the very specific marine environment of that costal area, which has strong relation to the sea life and from the significant engaging commitment of the local community in the preservation of the marine environment.

Underworld is made using the disposed fishing materials that are collected from the sea bottom by the local village initiative of the sea-cleaning actions. Those various fishing materials have been resting on the sea bottom for ages. Now, reused in this project, they get new light and new life. Fishing nets from different ages are reused to form giant lanterns. Layers of different fishing nets are mixed together in the layers of times. They all carry personal fishermen life stories. Shaped in the project Underworld those materials connect us with the past and the rich history, as well as this art installation presents experience of imaginary fragile life under the sea.

Underworld depicts a dimension of the everyday life of a fictional civilisation from the world under, given few recognizable and familiar elements of the human life, such as urban character of the installation, simple forms of architecture and the subtle dynamic lighting. Originally composed soundscape that combines sound of sea life with urban life character give deeper and life-sparkling dimension to the artwork. Underworld links to the fragile sea-world life, as an imaginary passage connecting known world with the unknown imaginary world.

Short info about artists

Aleksandra Stratimirovic is a visual artist with a special interest in light. She is award winning and internationally active in the world of art and light, with professional experience of more than 20 years in this field. Her particular vocation is site-specific art installations, often characterised by delicate use of light. Number of her permanent site-specific artworks are integrated in various public places and institutions in Sweden and abroad, such as hospitals, schools, train stations and residential areas. In recent years her artworks have been included in exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris, and various art events in London, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Tokyo, Osaka, Verona and Singapore.

Beside her artistic career Aleksandra is actively engaged in an number of light related organisations, being the founding member of the Transnational Lighting Detectives, founder and artistic director of the Belgrade of Light in Serbia, co-founder of the Lighting Guerrilla in Ljubljana, Slovenia and currently appointed as the curator and artistic director for Skopje Light Art District in North Macedonia.

Leonel Kaplan is an Argentine trumpet player active in free improvisation. He has been part of the international improvised music scene since the early 2000s performing and recording throughout Latin America, Europe and U.S. Kaplan has performed regularly alongside musicians like John Butcher, Lê Quan Ninh, Edén Carrasco, Tetuzi Akiyama, Axel Dörner and Christof Kurzmann among many others, and has been cited as a crucial part of the international movement in improvised trumpet, redefining the way this instrument is perceived. Kaplan's music can be found in labels like Another Timbre (UK), Relative Pitches (USA), ESP-DIsk's (USA) and more. Currently he is involved as a composer with Swiss theater company CapriConnection.

Aleksandra Stratimirovic