Ahola, Halonen, Hodge & Miikki

Performance on Sunday 13.10. at 9pm. (Stage 2)

Vedelle' is a performative installation combining the elements of dance, sound, light and space. The performance takes place on and around water. Music provides a rhythm to the movement and vice versa. Light and movement combine to create different kinds of images and feelings. Together, the elements transform the venue into an extraordinary space in the darkening night of Botania gardens.

Vesi. Veteen. Vedeksi. Vedellä. Vedelle.

'Vedelle' has specifically been created for the outside gardens at Botania as a part of the Visual Festival and it serves as the luminous finale of the festival.

Short info about artists

Iina Ahola has been working as a performer and choreographer for both dance and theatre. She has worked for.ex. in dancetheatre Raatikko and together with light artist Kari Kola for several years already. Ahola has performed and created choreographies for different kinds of venues from traditional theatre spaces to large venues outside such as Ilosaari- island in Joensuu and the yard of Turku Castle. Most of the times Ahola finds the venue a significant part in the process of creating a piece.

Working in the field of theatre has affected Ahola's way of expressing herself as a dance artist and vice versa. She is very interested in researching these two art forms and how they could interact with each other. Ahola aims to find out new possibilities in movement and dance as a way of narrative and expressing one self and also how dance could be combined with other forms of art.

Heidi Miikki has studied dance in Outokumpu (Movement and performance research, dancer's education), and circus in AFUK (Academy for Untamed Creativity) in Copenhagen, and later in Turku Arts Academy. Heidi is fascinated about movement, improvisation, presence, illusion, playfulness, and nature (among other things, there are many!).

Heidi has been working as a dance and circus artist with different choreographers and companies like Reija Tapaninen (Zero Gravity Company), Anniina Kumpuniemi and FREEcollective, Maija Hoisko, Anton Wretling, Stefan Baier, Michiel van Leeuwen, Mira Sirkka & Recover Laboratory, among others, and made her own multidisciplinary work combining circus, dance, music and film.

Right now Heidi is working in Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri with the piece Lilies from Zero Gravity Company.