Johanna Kokkola / FI

Viestintuojat — ”messengers”, are trees, rocks, and cliffs that look like human or magical figures. These beings were regarded as messengers from the ”Upper Realm” of gods, or ”Underworld” in the Finnish mythology. The pictures aim to instigate discussion on the importance of understanding one’s roots and appreciating one’s own surrounding environment. The goal for the exhibition is to awaken the viewers into thinking about their own relationship with the natural world and history. We can fully understand ourselves only when we know who we are and where we are from. The pictures in the exhibition aim to awaken the sleeping primaeval early man, to which the natural world was a mystical fascinating and a wild setting. If we remembered more from that era and if we were able to fix our relationship with the nature, we would surely treat it better.

Short info about artists

Johanna Kokkola is an experienced professional on photography, whose passion is to depict nature as a mythical, mystic place and, simultaneously, to remind the importance of the protection of a clean environment. Kokkola’s roots are heavily invested in the soil of Eastern Finland and the photographing got started by the treks into the woods and wilderness of Eastern Finland.

Kokkola thinks that nature could provide an answer to many of the problems of the contemporary people. In the wild, people find connections to themselves, to the continuance and meaning of life. In her own production Kokkola mixes painted art into her photography, with which she hopes to capture mysticism of the forests and creates dystopias about what it could evolve into if we don’t protect it. In the job of her own company, she is specialized in brand shoots and video productions set in nature.

Johanna Kokkola / Salama Visual